The WRITE stuff: a different kind of leader

Steve has always been a different kind of leader… different from other public officials. Through his work and life and front line experience, he is uniquely qualified to address the issues confronting ordinary Vermonters everyday. Steve has written extensively about addiction, and health care in rare disease groups. Steve is considered a national expert on Genetic Policy having been invited to testify at the Food and Drug Administration and present at to other advocacy organizations. Steve has a unique understanding of Statehouses having supported advocacy efforts of one kind or another among volunteer groups in nearly forty of them.

Steve has literally put pen to paper and told you exactly what he believes through his commentary writings. We have gathered most of them here for you to review- Steve is too modest to brag about the width of his experience starting with his schooling and moving through his professional life, but his campaign isn’t. We know these are the reasons you should him your support. This guy dealt with 9/11 widows, families that lost love one on the pile at ground zero, FDNY, NYPD, PAofNY/NJ… he spends his days gladly managing addict, alcoholics and their families through his clinical practice and has for the past fifteen years, and then took a break to fight for fair treatment for Bleeding Disorders patients who contracted HIV and Hepatitis through the maleficence of the Federal Government and Industry. And as if that isn’t enough he spends his free time creating an organization to address the next great civil rights problem. Steve would never use these words, but his work has been nothing short of extraordinary.

In the middle of an addiction epidemic, and the COVID-19 Crisis on top of it, who better to send to the Statehouse but someone with a deep understanding of Healthcare policy. Steve May will be prepared to bring a lifetime of experience to work for the people of Chittenden County in the Senate everyday starting on Day One.